I stand alone,
Ground beneath and sky above—
Gentle breezes that dance with heart
Upon my leaves.

In this vulnerable place it is difficult for me not to
Call to familiar things—
To live as I once lived.
But I will not, because
It was in losing my life that I found this tender place.

But if I try—really try
To find my old life again,
I know I will lose this freedom—
This grace.
Other trees will block out my sun,
The songs of birds will fall silent,
And revelations will cleave to yesterday.

I am not willing to let go of these moments,
Because whilst I have stood here
In the open,
Still and reflective,
I have grown.

In this space between ‘somehow’ and ‘somewhere’,
Of ‘not sure,’ and ‘undetermined’;
And of ‘Ive let go of the past but I can’t yet see the future,’
I choose—in every moment—to continue lay my life down...
And therefore find it in You.

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