Who, What, Why, Where, When and How?

Possibly the most powerful words of our time are, “who, what, why, where, when and how?” These words belong to questions. There are now many global narratives that are missing the fundamental questions that these words belong to—questions that should have been asked a long time ago. 

Question: Where have all the questions gone? 

If I jumped behind a tv screen right now and told you that the grass is no longer green, but red, would you believe me? Would you take what I have said as fact? Or would you ask questions about what I have said? 

“How could the grass possibly be red when it is quite clearly green, Cath?”

“Who said the grass is red, Cath?”

“Why did they say the grass is red?” 

“Cath, since when has the grass been red?” 

“Cath, was the scientist who declared the grass red, colour-blind? 

The art of cross-referencing is slowly dying. So is cross-checking. So is fact-checking for oneself instead of relying on fact-checking organisations. 

People do a pretty good job of calling me out if I post an article that is off, and i’ll usually do some further reading and if I agree that the article I have posted is off, I will usually remove it from my page. But that doesn’t mean I always take people’s words for it. Oftentimes where there is news or opinion or research in one direction, there will be just as much news, opinion and research in the other. 

And what if I cleave to my own viewpoint and don’t dare to read anyone else’s viewpoints because they most assuredly are wrong? (#sarcasm) Am I scared to step through any cognitive dissonance I feel? Or will I just shut other people down passive-aggressively or aggressively so that their questions die? No questions equals no challenges, and no challenges usually equals (a) resolve, (b) lack of growth, (c) perpetuation of misinformation, and finally, (d) unchallenged communism.

I do not apologise if you have found this post ranty or painfully obscure, because I know that you are a powerful person and not a victim. You have the choice to scroll on and ignore my words if you wish, because of the power of personal choice you possess. But… if, on the other hand, something about this post has given you pause and you have begun to wonder, “Yes! When was the last time I actually researched a narrative that was pressed upon me by the media/a friend/my belief system?” then I shall smile ever so slightly on the inside… because I like questions and because I (personally) think they are important… just like the words they belong to:  “who, what, why, where, when and how?”

Go on! Will you dare to ask the necessary questions?

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash