The Blood of Jesus

When I was about three years of age, my mum read a kids bible study to me and then when she was finished, she left the room. I remember sitting on the edge of my bed and reflecting on that study, and when I looked up, to my surprise, I saw Jesus right there in my room, nailed to the cross.

I wasn’t scared or traumatised—even though He was bleeding profusely and had been brutalised beyond human recognition. His blood ran down the cross and also dripped on the ground below. And He was looking at me with so much love, that I have never forgotten those eyes. Ever.

The pain that wracked His body on that cross was self-evident. His lips were drawn back in such horrible, horrible agony, but His eyes? His eyes were love, forgiveness and such, such truth. It was at that moment that I surrendered my life to Jesus, not out of guilt, but out of recognition that He was to be the centre of my universe.

Just now I have been listening to the song ‘The Blood’ by Naomi Raine and one of the lines says of the blood of Jesus, “It’ll never lose its power,” while another line says, “we have your DNA in us.” As I listened to the song, I was taken back to that vision as a child, and I watched as the blood of Jesus moved like a stream down the cross and crept across the ground to where I was standing, barefoot.

I watched as the blood didn’t go around my feet, but rather, ‘into’ them and through them. I watched as the blood wrapped itself around my DNA and RNA, lighting it up as it climbed up through my body.

As a person who has carried massive amounts of self-hatred in the past, while I watched the blood of Jesus move through my body in the present, I could not think of a single reason to self-hate when the most expensive blood from before time and after was moving through me.

As the blood of Jesus moved through me, I also understood why satanic animal sacrifices are so evil: We were designed to move and live and have our being inside of the blood of Jesus and Jesus’ blood was especially designed to move inside of us. Fully God and fully man, His blood literally bridged the gap between our fallen blood and His resurrected blood. Jesus’ blood was the only universal Kingdom blood type that could bring restoration between mankind and Father God. And not only mankind…

Jesus’ blood covered the ground just like Abel’s blood covered the ground when he was murdered. Abel’s blood was replaced with Jesus’ blood and Jesus’ blood brought restoration to the earth. To all living things.

Animal sacrifice in the present will never be an atoning force or a force to reckon with, because the blood of Jesus is the most pure, precious atonement from before the foundations of time until after.

So right now, as I revisit the blood of Jesus and understand it’s propitiation anew, I can see the jewels and the redemption it possesses in its very composition. Although my mind cannot wrap around exactly how amazing the blood of Jesus is, I can feel at least the amazing life it possesses, and I can see that His love is physically imbibed into His blood.

Finally, because of the blood of Jesus, we no longer fight against flesh and blood. Flesh and blood are out of the equation. People are out of the equation. Creation is out of the equation. Our fight is against principalities and powers and the rulers of the darkness of this age. But the truth of the matter here also, is that the blood of Jesus fights on our behalf… if we will allow it to.

Right now, there is a strong wind beginning to blow across the planet. The strong wind is blowing away the fog. It is blowing away the chaff, chatter, and feverish distractions that seek to divide and conquer. It is blowing and as it blows, it awakens. The strong wind is undergirded by the blood of Jesus and it carries the strength and power of the love of Father God. The same Love that birthed nations. The same love that created oceans and called redemption into being at complete and absolute cost to Himself, is moving in our worlds on our behalf.

Revelation is rising. Once you see, you will never unsee. Get ready for night vision! Things might become darker for a season, but you will become brighter. Because you are not alone. Ever.

The life of Jesus, the person of Jesus is always with you. Jesus said He would never leave you or forsake you, and He meant it. And for me as a single person without kids? I said to a friend yesterday, “Even though I have nothing and have been stripped of everything—even my cat!—I still have everything because I have Jesus. And everything in Jesus’ Kingdom is available to me also.”

I am not poor, I am rich. I am not neglected, I am loved. I am not rejected, I am accepted. I am not powerless, I am powerful. I may never be rich, famous, have my own home, or have a family, but I absolutely, completely, and without a doubt walk with the most compassionate, considerate and loving Saviour ever, who reveals His world to me as I share my world with Him.

Yes, revelation is coming. Are you a writer? Ready your hands, open up your spirit. Are you a scientist, or a philosopher? Be prepared for fresh inspiration. Are you a financier? New strategies are headed your way. Are you musical, do you dance, do you paint or design? There are frequencies, words patterns, movements, colours and arrangements that will literally bust up chains and set those who see what you have created, free. Deliverance and liberty is dancing on the wind.

God’s kids are going to see things they have never seen before, and some of those things are going to blow their minds. They will then have a choice: will they lean on their own understanding, or will they lean into the mind of Christ? I hear Jesus saying, “You will try to explain the things of my Kingdom through your limited language, but at times, you will be unable to. You will simply just laugh because you have no words!”

The above is not to say that life situations won’t be hard at times in the future—they will be. But the same praise-filled hearts that overflowed from Paul and Silas in their jail cell (which then set every single prisoner in that jail free) is always available to us. Anytime. Anywhere. Even in jail.

His blood covers us. Through His blood—His DNA—sons and daughters will come to understand just how much they can be united ‘into’ Him, how powerful Jesus’ blood is and how relevant it is to every situation they encounter right now. Jesus’ blood equals erasure of old living and the introduction of new living—new life.

Photo by Amanda Carden.