An Open Door

Infrequently, I have flashbacks of a specific morning back when I lived in a Duplex here in town. On this particular morning at the Duplex, I woke to the sound of my flatmate leaving for work. I heard what I thought were his footsteps walking down the hallway, his keys jangling at the front door as he unlocked it, the chain falling as he unlatched it, and then the squeal of the front door as it opened. I also listened as his footsteps trailed off down the pathway and out to his car.

When I got out of bed roughly an hour later, I stepped out into the hallway to find the front door of the Duplex wide open and my flatmate’s car still parked out the front.

I knocked on my flatmate’s door and to my shock, he responded. “Morning Cath!” he yelled through the door.

“Did you go out this morning at all?” I said, as he opened his door.

“No. Why?” he said.

“Umm, well…” I motioned down the hallway. “Because the front door is wide open and I heard someone leave the house earlier, jangle their keys when they unlocked the lock, remove the chain latch, open the door, and walk down the footpath.”

“Wait—what? I thought that was you leaving, Cath!” he said, stepping into the hallway as confused as I was.

“Nope! Still here!” I said, laughing. “I’m like, what the actual? If it was a person, how did they even get into the Duplex in the first place?”

We stared out the open front door. There was no sign of forced entry. The door had definitely been unlocked from the inside, because we had latched it too. I had had a few angelic (and less desirable) encounters whilst living at that duplex, and right then I asked myself a question: “Do I feel afraid?” My answer was “no.” I felt no fear. I had also felt no fear when I had heard the door actually open. From this, I felt that nothing of mal intent had opened the door.

I was in the process of asking God, “Did an angel open this door?” when He said to me: “These are the words of the Holy One, the True One, He who has the key [to the house] of David, He who opens and no one will [be able to] shut, and He who shuts and no one opens:

‘I know your deeds. See, I have set before you an open door which no one is able to shut, for you have a little power, and have kept My word, and have not renounced or denied My name” Revelation 3:7-8

I was stunned. Since that day, that visual queue of the door being unlocked from the inside and left open for me and my flatmate to find when we were fully awake, has never left me. God literally showed us that He was well-able to open a spiritual / physical / metaphorical door for us to walk through (and yes, we shut the door later that morning) and that when He opens doors for us, no lock, iron bar, steel latch, or computer code can prevent Him from doing so.

To Jesus, opening a door because He has the right keys, is nothing. Jesus can and will make a way where there seems to be no way. As we move forward in this strange new time in the world where history is literally being made on multiple levels, Jesus has placed a light on our paths and He has asked asked us to follow Him. If we come to a door on that path, we can safely bet that He will open that door and see us walk through to the other side.

If you have a closed door in front of you right now and Jesus has led you to that door, He will open it. Whether He opens it right now or in a little while, when the time and season is right, He will open the door for you and no one will be able to shut it on you. Because it was opened specifically for you to walk through.

Photo by Matthew T. Rader