The Springtime Is Here

Micro shots with my macro interest: A brief introductory walk around my garden to enjoy the first flowers of Spring.

My daisy bushes have been flowering for a little while now, but until today I had never noticed their gold and purple central discs. Also, upon doing some reading I discovered that daisies are composite flowers. They are two flowers in one: The outer petals and the inner disc. Who knew? I didn’t. But now I do!

Australian native Hibiscuses are purple flowers with a star that sits right at their very core. How beautiful!

Mudgee wattles look like huge clusters of honeycomb—no wonder the bees love them! Now all we need is some chocolate.

Flowering gums are a favourite of mine. Even though I didn’t quite get the exposure right in this shot, you can still see how the gum nuts open up into beautiful pink flushes of colour.

I did also happen to chase a little monitor lizard, but he was too quick for me, thus I was left with some blurry attempts at a capture. Maybe next time.

Thanks for joining me on my micro photo walk.