I Am His and He Is Mine

These days,
This era,
This time in history,
Has opened up a space for a clarion call,
An invitation,
That was never actually laid to rest in the first place,
But rather,
Became buried beneath flesh and
Subjected to our frameworks.

Man’s wisdom, rationale, and religiosity,
Lulled the body of believers into a false sense of self,
And powerlessness,
And so, under the spell of the flesh we fell—
We found ourselves outside the Garden of Eden,
Sleeping in our toil and self-saviour complexes,
Our “We musts”, “We wills”, and “We cans”…
Until now.

Nothing eternal was ever created
Out of our own ability to save, sanctify, or purify ourselves—
It was never about our own works, ambition or recognition—
That is why there is a clarion call to leave religion and to lean into Jesus.

Laying aside judgment to lean into love
Has meant denying my flesh in so many ways—
Including dependence upon myself, because
Of myself, I can do nothing.
When I lean on my own understanding,
Empty yet poetic words and phrases
Leak from my mouth—
They sound good to my flesh
But they mean nothing to the eternal nature of my spirit, hence,
I lean into the Father.

I know full-well that
I do not need earthly possessions, riches or gold,
Ambition, fortune or fame,
But I simply want the core of my being to be seen and known,
Loved and adopted,
Accepted and aligned with
My Heavenly Father—
The One who truly knows every part of me.
And from this place of being known,
I allow life
To move in and through my world,
Because The Life has given me everything He is.
I bear His name,
I know His voice—
As He is, so am I on the earth.

Creation longs for me to walk
In the very nature and authority He granted to me
Before the foundations of the earth were laid.
I must never allow religion to step in between the fact that
I am His and He is mine
And His living letters over me are love…
Because I am His and He is mine…
I am His and He is mine.

Photo (c) Tim Mossholder