An Open Letter

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I hope you are travelling well and have been enjoying this holiday season. As my brothers and sisters in Jesus, I wish you love, joy and peace.

If I am to be honest, sometimes seasons like this can be burdensome and tiring (depending on which lens I choose to look through), but just now in worship I began seeing some things that I now feel led to share with you. They are eternal things I value and treasure…

When all is said and done and the brokenness and nakedness of our hearts are exposed to His heart, we can receive His life. We can receive comfort and fellowship from the family of God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We can recognise that we are in His presence and leave behind our hang-ups and rigid “Father you have permission to love me in these ways, but don’t ever, ever venture to the darker places within me” self-protective mechanisms.

As the exposed, raw flesh-cries of our hearts mingle with His blood and tears, we don’t have to do anything to atone because He already atoned for us. We simply realise our place in Him, and in the end, that is the pinnacle of life, is it not? To allow the before-time parts of our hearts (the hidden places) and the cast aside places of our minds (the dark places), to be inhabited continuously by His love, through our spirits, and He and us walking together as one. It’s that simple, but yet we seem to like to make it complex.

Knowing that we are worth His love because we were His children from before time began, was the end of the story before the story even began. When Jesus defeated death in victory, He created a new introduction: “welcome to My family, child! Come on in, or don’t, it’s your choice.”

Stunningly, WE are the ones who tell Him “no” because we think we know better, owing to our endless lists of how we don’t measure up. We think our supposed unworthiness is greater than His love. But it’s not. Nothing is greater than His love. Romans 8:38-39 says, “So now I live with the confidence that there is nothing in the universe with the power to separate us from God’s love. I’m convinced that his love will triumph over death, life’s troubles, fallen angels, or dark rulers in the heavens. There is nothing in our present or future circumstances that can weaken his love. There is no power above us or beneath us—no power that could ever be found in the universe that can distance us from God’s passionate love, which is lavished upon us through our Lord Jesus, the Anointed One!”

WE set ourselves apart from Him. WE sever ourselves from parts of His body of believers. WE DO IT TO OURSELVES.

Did we believe what our Father said about us when we first confessed Jesus as Lord? If we did, then that confession—that heart stance—repositioned us inside of Him and His Kingdom. Interestingly, the words “I’m not worthy” are not found in His Kingdom, only the words, “I AM worthy” are found in the Kingdom, which means that not only am I worthy of His Kingdom, but so too are you, my brothers and sisters.

We have been adopted into one family. One body. One heart and mind, one blood. That is why I cannot say that I hate my brother or sister if I have been adopted and re-dna-ed (it’s not a word, but run with it), because our new DNA has the words of the Kingdom in it. We are coded by the Kingdom. Our new DNA has love as the key blood platelet.

We each belong to a part of the body. The hand experiences what the eyes do not and that is why we can come away having had such different experiences from the same issue, lesson, or encounter—the hands need different information to the eyes, and legs need different information to the feet, and so forth.

Our journeys are different, but we are not separate from each other because of those journeys. We are knit together with Jesus as the Head. Furthermore, the struggle in our being knit together has nothing to do with our flesh and blood, but it is the principalities and rulers of our old bloodlines that try to dictate to us as we are being knit together. “I don’t like them because they believe x, y, and z.” Hmm… we declare some very unkingdom-like things sometimes, eh?

We are one body of believers no matter where we are, no matter how raw we are, no matter what journey we are on. We are joined together by the DNA of Jesus. Kingdom DNA. The message of the Kingdom is now a part of our being, and no matter how raw, how confused, how unworthy we have placed ourselves as being, we are not those things because the new living letters inside of us say so—we just need to believe what they say. The living letters say things like, “Brought back to life, restored, breath returned, made Holy, purified, loved well, Kingdom heir, cherished sons and daughters, Kingdom capacity, Kingdom capabilities,” and the list goes on and on.

I don’t mean to sound preachy or patronising as I write this; I am just conveying what I have / am seeing.

Shitty, grieving, lonely, depressed, unworthy and unloved thinking belong to the wrong tree. They belong to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. They belong to the pit of hell. They are grown and encouraged under stronghold shadows. We were not made to bow to stronghold shadows, but rather, to walk in the light as He is in the light.

Stop bowing down, child of God. Stand tall and look up into your Father’s face, hold the hands of your brothers and sisters, and walk forward in honour and awe at the new life He has given to you.



Photo by Tyler Nix