Make Way For The King

I see Jesus stepping onto platforms made from wood and nails, cement and bricks, electronics and social media, hearts and minds—platforms that have been made for religion, culture and the entertainment of man. Platforms that have made God subservient to their own agendas, ideas, and desires. Platforms that do not allow the manifest presence of God.

I see people on these man-made platforms falling face down before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and repenting from the deep places of their hearts:

“Jesus, we are sorry that our focus has been on the lyrics, the lights, the dress code, they way we look and the way we sound!”

“We are sorry that our focus has been on numbers, on cultural relevance, on notoriety, money, self-gain, and self-rightness!”

“We are sorry that we have hindered your sheep from coming close to Your heart! We are sorry we have told them that they were so Heavenly-minded they were of no earthly good! We see now that You were always Heavenly-minded—You were Kingdom-minded… You only ever did what You saw the Father doing… We are sorry that we have stopped up your Kingdom from people!”

“How mighty is our God! You are far greater, stronger, powerful and far more supernatural than the foundation of the limited human knowledge we had set our minds upon! Who are we to limit You?”

Platforms who have not allowed God to be God; who have not allowed Jesus to walk amongst the people; who have minimised and discouraged Jesus’ sheep from walking IN HIM, will be dismantled because they have set themselves up as intermediaries between Jesus’ sheep and the Father. They have set themselves up against the Lordship of Jesus and against the knowledge of God. They have a form of Godliness, but they deny His power.

We already have an intermediary—just to clarify with you—and His name is Jesus.

One dollar, one plank, one brick, one pastor, one worship leader, and one word, song, relevant dress code, text message and “nice” “passive” Christian message at a time, platforms of untruth and self-reliance will be removed.

The paws of the Lion of Judah are moving. His breath is breathing on creation and awakening it. The frequency of His roar is shaking the foundations of the universe and that shaking is beginning to be felt from one side of our world to the other.

The eyes of the Lion of Judah are roaming throughout the earth looking for those whose hearts are fixed on Him and His Father—those who have ears to hear what His spirit is saying to His Body of Believers.

The Lion of Judah will not be tamed. He will not bow to the laws of the Pharisees. He will not bow to celebrity, to being liked, or to cancel culture. He will not bow to money, or the things of this world. He was offered these things over two thousand years ago in the dessert, by an enemy who hated the Father. The Lion of Judah did not accept the giddy power of control or wealth back then, and He certainly will not accept it now… How much more should we be like Him?

Jesus is the King and we listen to the King for what He wants done in His Theocracy. We listen to the King to hear what His heart is saying about us and what His thoughts are in general. We listen. He never stops speaking; it is us who stop listening and hearing.

We watch for the things, the glimpses, the childlike moments of the King’s Kingdom that will offend the mind and cannot be explained by our own limited intellects, and we say, “Yet not MY will but YOURS be done.”

Platforms are coming down. The Body of Believers is being awoken. The Body is going to need to lean heavily into the Head of the Body. Into His love. Because if the Body was to learn of what canker sores, viruses, bacteria’s, and flesh-eating bugs have been allowed to fester beneath the surface of the platforms it has glued itself to, it would be horrified. Shocked. Mortified. Saddened. Grieved. The only thing that can counter this when it happens is knowing that as the Body of Believers, we can connect into our Heavenly Father with fresh understanding that everything, everything, EVERYTHING is all about Him. It always has been and it always will be.

The bright and shining ones are coming forth. They are the ones who have been hidden away in Him in the secret place. They have left ministry behind to follow Jesus. Yes, they have been hidden, but they are coming forth and they carry with them the mysteries of the Father’s heart. They will offended the wisdom of mankind and operate in mystical ways. They will perform signs and wonders and then disappear back into the hidden place in Him again before people can even learn their names. They will reconnect people back to Jesus and to the Father. They will cry out for people to follow Jesus and not to follow them. It will not be about them because they know who it is that they serve.

Make way, Body of Believers. Make way for the King and His Kingdom!

Photo by Jean Wimmerlin