Write. Repeat. Write. Repeat.

Lately I feel like my writing has been on repeat and slightly more cutting than usual—like my words have fashioned the edge of a very sharp sword. It’s like I have danced ‘round and ‘round the blade of that sword for months and have continuously arrived at the same truth over and over and over again but not quite “gone there.” But not today. Today the blade of that sword might do some severing—just a little—but please know that it’s done in love. This is because of, (a) the cry that Father God has placed within me, and (b) me observing and listening to many different people over the course of the past few months who have no clue as to who they are and who their Father truly is. I have found this observance harrowing. Grievous. The moment I have recognised it in someone, I have felt for them big-time, because Father God really is the most amazing Father and they have yet to know Him in this way.

People who don’t know that Father God truly loves them and wants to connect with them right now, in this very moment, will ultimately sell out to other fathers in place of Him—it’s only a matter of time. That’s what happened with the Israelites and Moses. The Israelites had a chance to meet with God face-to-face, but instead, they opted out and told Moses to meet with Him on their behalf. And then while Moses was meeting with Father God on the mountain, the Israelites were busy in the valley trying to fill the void in their lives with a golden calf fashioned from their very own hands. Let me reiterate: they had a chance to meet with the Father of Fathers, the Great I Am, the God of all universes, and instead, they positioned an intermediary of flesh between themselves and Father God, and then ignored their own intermediary after they had fashioned their own god of gold to fit their own tiny boxes of belief. Ouch!

Interestingly, Christians still do this. They are notoriously quick to point the finger at one another: “Those prophetic words were wrong!” “We were right all along!” “Where are those ‘prophets’ and ‘watchmen’ now?” “Oh how the mighty have fallen!” Well, those prophets and watchmen are likely tired of warning you and have also likely taken a step back, because, let me ask you this: Have you stopped up your ears and closed your eyes to what Father God is saying? Maybe self-reflect a little before wagging your finger? Why? Well, just because current outcomes have the appearance of being one way, it doesn’t mean that they actually are that way.

Recently, I’ve had a few people make comments to me like, “So why didn’t any of the so-called prophets get any downloads about Co-Vid?” My response to this has been, “well, ‘a’, that’s one pitfall of platforms. The guy next door could have heard from God about CoVid19 and warned you, but would you have listened, or were you waiting for a celebrity prophet to say it from their platform on social media? On their podcast. On their radio channel, tv show, blogs and / or at church. Because we all know that celebrity and popularity mean that someone is ‘legit’, right??? And ‘b’, why did you miss it? Why weren’t you hearing from God for yourself, son or daughter?” Please, you finger-wagging child of God, when was the last time you met with your Heavenly Father and heard from Him for yourself? Is there a golden calf in your midst? If so, maybe it’s time to ditch it and ascend the mountain of the Lord for yourself through the Gate of Jesus?

So now, just to clarify: I am not against platforms, but I am against the worshipping of people who stand on platforms. Sometimes, well-known people are positioned on platforms by their peers. Sometimes, people accidentally fall into platform positions through their natural giftings or talents. Sometimes, God positions people on platforms in amazing ways. But sometimes, just sometimes, people’s gifts and abilities are exploited through fame and fortune and then a new intermediary is born. A new Christian superstar. A new golden calf followers position themselves directly in front of and bow their hearts and minds to in wonder and awe… and thus begins an entire movement of followers drinking in the words of platforms instead of the words of Jesus. That is, the platform ministry has become their god (their golden calf) instead of the God of creation Himself.

We weren’t supposed to have other intermediaries (or golden calves): Jesus is our intermediary. We weren’t supposed to have other great high priests: Jesus is our great high priest. We weren’t supposed to have other heads of the body: Jesus is the head of the body. And we weren’t supposed to have multiple ways to Father God and His Kingdom: Jesus is the only way. There is no other gate or door—it’s only ever been Jesus. Let me be clear: counterfeit kingdoms might have doors that seem wise and fun and enlightened, but the only door to the Kingdom of God is Jesus. In John 10:7-11, Jesus said I speak to you eternal truth: I am the Gate for the flock. All those who broke in before me are thieves who came to steal, but the sheep never listened to them. I am the Gateway. To enter through me is to experience life, freedom, and satisfaction. A thief has only one thing in mind—he wants to steal, slaughter, and destroy. But I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect—life in its fullness until you overflow! I am the Good Shepherd who lays down my life as a sacrifice for the sheep.

We are supposed to be able to hear God for ourselves, because if Jesus dwells within us as the head of our body, and if He is also the head of the entire body of believers, we have access to Him 24/7.

So why is it that we constantly feel the need for numerous intermediaries? What is it that is missing in our identities that drives us to look to others to fill the voids we feel—those places of resistance we have created between Father God and ourselves? Why do we insist on hiding in the Garden behind leaves when we’ve already been provided clothes to wear by God Himself?

I will say it again: I am not against stages or platforms or fame, but I am against anything that takes the place of Jesus as Lord of my life. I am also not against the greater body of believers—we were created to walk alongside one another in love, and to build each other up in our faith—but I am against anything that raises itself up against the knowledge and pure relationship that is available in Jesus Christ. I am not against watching “famous” Christians with big pay packets and fancy houses, but I am against those famous people being worn across the minds and hearts of believers as messiahs and saviours. Why? Because those “famous” people are just like you and me, and if they can hear from Father God, then we can certainly hear from Father God for ourselves too.

Who knows the revelations that await us, body of believers? Who knows the heights and depths of His love? We can know because we are His and He is ours and His banner over us is love.

Come away from the smelting, melting and creating of powerless gods. You have an all-powerful, Almighty Father who loves you so much that He moved Heaven and earth to restore connection with you.

Come away with Him! He is awesome, holy, righteous, amazing, mighty, powerful, compassionate, just, slow to anger and full of love. He knows your frame and He placed amazing reflections of Himself inside you so that your every footstep upon the earth would be filled with the frequencies of His Kingdom.

Creation knows who you are and it groans as it waits for you to come into an understanding of that same knowledge. Romans 8:19-23 says, “The entire universe is standing on tiptoe, yearning to see the unveiling of God’s glorious sons and daughters! For against its will the universe itself has had to endure the empty futility resulting from the consequences of human sin. But now, with eager expectation, all creation longs for freedom from its slavery to decay and to experience with us the wonderful freedom coming to God’s children. To this day we are aware of the universal agony and groaning of creation, as if it were in the contractions of labor for childbirth. And it’s not just creation. We who have already experienced the firstfruits of the Spirit also inwardly groan as we passionately long to experience our full status as God’s sons and daughters—including our physical bodies being transformed” (TPT).

If you are constantly quoting the latest hot theological book or Christian superstar, maybe take a step back and ask yourself: “When was the last time I actually quoted the words of my Saviour, or the words of my Father? When was the last time I recognised my position in Christ? When was the last time I remembered that I am a son / daughter of God because of what Jesus accomplished on the cross?”

Child of God, even creation knows the truth of the image you carry inside of you… isn’t it time for you to know it, too?

Photo by Jude Beck