A Thank You


This is a thank you note to say I appreciate the fact that in YOU that I LIVE and move and have my being… not through anything else.

I am thankful to have been grafted into the Vine by the Vinedresser. I am so grateful that everything that is in the Vine is available to me. To us.

I am thankful that the sap-flow of the Vine moves through us (the branches) and as the grafting takes place, everything that is in that sap-flow (everything in the blood of the Vine), is also available to us.

If I restrict the blood of the vine from flowing into me, I will die on the branch and I will have to be cut away, but if I allow the blood of the Vine to flow through me, I will not just survive, but I will actually thrive.

The blood of the Vine is special and it recalibrates my life the moment I allow it to live and move and have its being in me.

Jesus, I am a new creation because of the blood that flows between you and Me. It’s no longer I who live, but You who lives in me; the former things (old blood and old ways) have passed away and the new have come.

Jesus, thank you. Your blood has given me access to everything that is in Your family line—every piece of DNA knowledge and intelligence. To healing and miracles. To every.single.thing in Your Kingdom realm.

Your blood is not a figment of some old gospel story imagination ‘out there’ in cyber-space somewhere: Your blood is a reality in us, right here and right now. If we have allowed Father God (the Vinedresser) to graft us into the Vine, then Jesus’ blood is our new life-force.

When I take a sip or two of wine in remembrance of You, Jesus (like You said to do), that is exactly what I become aware of—the blood of the Vine—the red liquid that comes from the fruit of the Vine, now pumping, circling, moving in me. My new family lineage. My new identity. Who You are and who I am.

In this grafting—in this Vine where You’re in me and I am in You and we are one, and what’s mine is Yours and Yours is mine—I am a part of Your body as well as the greater body of Christ, and I am never alone. Never powerless. Never outcast.

Jesus, thank you.


Photo by Nacho Domínguez Argenta