The sounds of pure, clear wind chimes travel to my heart on gentle south-easterly winds. They sing to me. They sing to you. They awaken us all as we chime in-kind.

Their sound and ours is instigated by the breath of Him. The breeze. The life force of His lungs. He is our mediator between realms.

Sometimes as I hear the chimes, I recalibrate and am reminded of my frequency; and sometimes I recalibrate the chimes and remind them of their frequencies—it’s a reciprocal relationship. Strong. Sure. Beautiful. Fundamentally easy.

Together our sound is a part of a greater orchestra—a larger symphony. And how unique and wonderful it is as we communicate with each other. Me here, them ‘there’, and you somewhere else. Them ‘there’ and me here and you somewhere new. Anyway, isn’t ‘there’ just a makeshift name for places that are not here?

I am glad His breath is not restricted by ‘there’ or ‘here’ or by time, space or distance, because it means that we aren’t restricted either.

Our hearts are gateways to His Kingdom and our orchestrations are the outward workings of our unity in His every breathed “Amen.”

Photo by Aiden Fang.