Remember Who Your Father Is

From nothing to something
Words spun,
Movement gathered,
Water flowed.
Dust to flesh,
Bone on bone,
Breath in lungs—
You came awake to your Creator.

He made you in His image—
You bear His likeness,
His fingerprint,
His creativity—
His ingenuity—
You carry His glory upon your face
And His grace upon your smile,
Oh how you shine!
But yet,
For some reason
You have chosen not to see it,
To believe it,
Or to Amen it.

You are powerful—
Far more powerful than
You believe yourself to be.
Remember who your Father is—
Who it is who
Loves you completely,
Sings over you prophetically,
And who sustains you with His breath—
His very life.
Child, remember who your Father is...

Remember Him.

Photo by Seif Eddin Khayat.