‘Seen’ Through Love

Why can’t you be more logical,
More rational,
More sequential
And more commonsensical
In your thinking?

Why can’t you be more in my box
And not out of it—
Less phenomenological,
Less idealistic,
And more in “the now?”

Why can’t you think like I think,
Speak like I speak,
Do what I do,
Live how I live,
And learn how I learn?

My answer is simple:
I am not you and
You are not me.
I attempt to understand you—
Could you attempt to understand me?
Can we meet in the middle?
Can we let the other speak?
Can we listen beyond the surface?
Can we make sure we’re both seen, and
Can we agree to disagree in the midst of
The forgiving, understanding, patience of love?

Photo by Zuzana Ruttkay