Creation Speaks

Inside dry bricks and walls of steel
Sit windows framed with wood,
The dulling drone
Of fluorescent bulbs
Have made the structure “good.”
The exactness
Of grey slatted blinds,
Obscure the world outside;
Wild frequencies are rumbling
Through earth—
Creation sighs.

Sailor’s warnings flare the skies
And birds are flocking near—
Perpetual invitations fall
On deaf and muted ears.
“Where are they?”
Whisper roaming winds.
“Why are they still inside?”
“We do not know,” reply the trees,
“Do they not like us—why?”....
...Creation keeps on speaking
As the rocks begin to cry.

Creation’s an illuminating,
Revelating wild,
Where hidden mysteries
Are revealed
For willing souls inspired.
Open hearts
Are fertile soil,
And open minds
Are seas;
When people can embrace unknowns,
They’ll hear creation’s pleas.

The call is going out
Across the earth and
To the ones,
Who’ll walk as sons of God
Within His frequencies of Love.
They’ll intuit the intelligence,
Of creation and it’s heart,
While reminding it
That it was born
Within the breath of Yahhhh...