The Heart Of This Nation

Please don’t despair. The heart of this nation is beating. Can you hear it—can you hear the rhythm? It is growing. Please, I implore you, stop for a moment and see if you can sense it. Feel it’s frequency. Can you locate it? What does the beating heart of this nation sound like?

Now become aware of the rhythm inside your own chest. You too have a drum. A sound. A beat. God placed a heart inside of you that would fit your body and your life. You are a walking instrument. In fact, your heart affects the souls of others around you—probably mostly without you realising it. What sound does your heart reflect towards others? Fear? Anger? Division? Or truth and love?

Your heart possesses the ability to unite with the heartbeat of this nation. It also possesses the ability to lie down beneath the surgeons’ scalpel of fear, the tools of agenda-driven narratives, and the carefully crafted, deeply manipulated barrage of shock-words. If you have laid down on the operating table beneath those things, they will try to imprint themselves onto your heart, but your heart was not made to handle those things. So what does this tell you about those things then? Are they good for you? Are they edifying and uplifting? Are those things causing collective good fruit to manifest from or in the heart of our nation? Good will? Peace? If not, should you keep lying on the surgeon’s table, or should you stand up?

At the moment, there are words that would tell you that you’re dead, you’re a traitor, you’re uncaring, or you’re scum. These are not words that are a part of this nation. This nation is supposed to beat in time with camaraderie, helping out a mate, and lending a hand, but that’s not the narrative we’re being fed right now. We are being fed words that say, “us and them,” “vaccinated versus unvaccinated,” “dob in a neighbour and be paid for it,” and so on and so forth. Yes, we have had many dark things happen in our nation’s history—many—but knowing that, why are we now choosing to fall into yet another type of darkness? Why are we accepting the narrative? Why are we exposing our hearts and this nation’s heart to this current darkness? Why don’t we demand a rewrite? Why have we hidden our voices away and laid down without any opposition to the scalpel, the tools and the shock words?

Put your hand on your heart. Feel the rhythm of it beat. Be still and feel the life-force inside that God gave you. You are flesh, not stone. You are living, not dead. You were made in the maker’s image… can I ask who are you presently reflecting into this nation—the God of Life, or the god of death?

Hear the beating of this nation’s heart. Rise. Pull those carefully-crafted, politically-narrated, big-pharma incited words away from your ears and be led by the Truth. The truth. The truth. The truth.

What is the truth? If you have to ask such a question, that’s ok. But please, do ask it. The truth has been eroding in this land for a long time… but now the heart of this nation beats again. Can you hear it? Listen…



Photo by Joey Csunyo