Dawn’s light is a call to hope—
Can you see it, Ocean?
The glimmer, the gleam,
The glint of gold
Pouring upwards and
Spilling down over the horizon
Across your waters?

Your waves are rolling, breaking, oscillating—
Uncertain, desperate and largely alone.
“The deep!” I hear you say.
“The deep is under attack
And the skies are filled with noise!
I cannot see the dawn!”

A sound like many waters—
Like an orchestra of strings
Or a luminous frequency
Rises, dances and covers,
Voice by voice,
In union
And clarity
They resonate as one…

“Remember Yahweh, Ocean!
Remember who you are!
Hush now, hush!
Be at peace!

Each vowel and consonant,
Pen stroke and spoken verse,
Exhortation and reminder,
Comes together
As part of a greater orchestration as
Sons and Daughters extend their hearts
Towards creation
In love.

“Look up, Ocean!” they sing.
“Look up, brothers and sisters!”
“Look up every living thing!
Look up and witness
He is riding on the clouds—
Can you see?”

Photo by Pat Whelen