Narcissistic Rule

Welcome to the real world where our voices are being suppressed by our mainstream media every day in lots of ways. “One rule for me but not for thee” should be the catch-cry of our government and our media. The desperation being experienced by some of our fellow human beings—our brothers and sisters—at the moment, is real and it is gut-wrenching.

This issue didn’t just magically appear overnight, and it won’t just magically disappear, either. We’ve been complicit by watching mainstream media, by not wanting to make waves, and by not standing up. No condemnation, just realisation.

For example, if the mainstream media and the government were to be likened to a narcissist and its mouthpiece, the whole frame would shift. The mental fog we’ve been under would become explainable. The gaslighting, the shifting of goal posts, the control, the public shaming and the blaming… the bullying tactics, the isolation, and the triangulation: some global populations are like an empath married to a ruthless narcissist. The honeymoon period is over and the first blows have landed to our bodies in sickening thuds.

We have wanted to do what has seemed right, what has seemed fair, and what has seemed thoughtful, but the narcissist has taken advantage of our good nature. The narcissist has told us, “There will be no mandatory jabs,” whilst they have later said, “here is a roadmap to freedom for the vaccinated only.” That is gaslighting. The narcissist has told us, “We’re in this together” while it has stripped our fellow humans of their livelihoods, their basic freedoms, and their hope. That is control. The narcissist has told us, “When you comply and we reach 80%, we will bestow upon you some of your freedoms again (which should be our basic freedoms anyway)” while it shifts the goalposts and begins to require a third jab (just wait and see). How do you best deal with a narcissist? You go ‘no contact.’

While this past 18 months has fast become a battle to do with Government overreach (they know so much about us through the centralised MyGov system, social media, etc., now), we can go no contact with the mainstream media.

The mainstream media are a mouthpiece and a voice for the narcissist. The media are the ones giving the narcissist its power. Most all long cons of the narcissist are woven and wielded by words.

If we were to go ‘no contact’ with the mainstream media, mainstream media ratings would fall. Their message would be stymied. Muffled some. Brought lower. But the problem with this completely idealistic sentiment, is that many people are enamoured or addicted to the hoovering and love-bombing of the media. They are sucked in by the words and phrases that have been designed to hook them—to draw them in.

So where is the hope in this scenario? On a purely earthly level, no one usually breaks free from a narcissist unless, (a) their lives are threatened or ruined, (b) they begin thinking independently enough to “see” what is really going on, or (c) those they love (usually their children) are threatened by the narcissist. Why is this so? Because the illusion the narcissist weaves is like a thick fog. The words they use ‘sound’ logical or rational, and usually by the time the narcissist reaches its intended outcome (oh, like say, “the New World Order”) they have worn you down drip, by drip, word by word, law by law, fine by fine, and public shaming by public shaming.

We are teetering upon a precipice that will be very difficult to climb out of if we don’t start thinking for ourselves. If we don’t start questioning. If you can’t see through the fog enough to think for yourself right now, then do it for your spouse, your child, or your friends. Please… if you can’t do anything else, just begin with a simple “why?” question and work your way forwards from there.

You can do it. You have it in you. You’ve got this.

Photo by Matt Walsh