Golden Threads

Tickled curls frame tiny faces. Chubby cheeks grin beneath twinkling eyes as they peer over the shoulders of the King. He delights in them. These little ones might be small in stature, but they are wise. They have explored creative spaces and wondrous places, hand-in-hand with Yeshua. They are free to roam. Encouraged to dream. Always in hope. There is no danger where they are and they are constantly covered by the kindness of His heart.

Our ears are attuned to their many giggles, chuckles, and squeals of delight. The sounds of their teensy feet skip, tumble and echo through the brightness of Heaven’s care-rooms. A multitude of slightly larger feet dance upon fields that are greener than the hill country after summer’s rains, or springtime’s early-morning dews.

Wherever these little ones explore, they move in heart-peace. Complete rest. Absolute Love. Even though their tiny feet weren’t born into time, they danced their way into timelessness: They exist in His true light.

Little ones, would you share with us your stories? Could you tell us of your dreams? Will you share what it’s like to be where you are and the joys you entertain? Do you and the angels play hide and seek? Does their laughter turn into song? And do you already know the lyrics, or do you all just hum along?

You graced our wombs for a season, before leaving far sooner than our hearts desired—or in some instances, could even handle for a time. In your absence, we have felt loss, sadness, and a deep yearning to know you—to just meet you. And one day we will look into your faces, kiss your foreheads and wrap our arms around you for the first time. But as for now?

These are the days that realign us into hope: where we sense the delicately-spun golden threads that run from our hearts to yours and from your hearts to ours. And every time your little hands tug at the golden threads, we feel you, and we instinctively know that you are deeply loved and well looked after.

We recall the expectations, the memories, the moments of “who will they become?” “What will their voices sound like?” “What will they do?” In amongst the memories, the sudden absences, and the ‘I wonder what you are doing now’ moments, we too tug on the golden threads. “We are here!” we say. “We feel you. We remember you and long to meet you. We are thankful and grateful that these golden threads have been woven into the temporal, all the way through to the eternal moments of ‘us’.”

Photo by Juliane Liebermann