A Garden Of The King

I am ‘seen’ by You, 
And You are ‘seen’ by me,
Our essences are understood—
We dwell in Mystery.
His seeds of life have taken root—
A garden grows within;
As dewy rain falls on these soils
We slowly drink it in.

Uprooting all deep trauma—
Love is poured out over us;
And lies no longer occupy
The places trauma was.
The landscapes of our heartlands
Open up as beauty wins,
We are gypsy-footed wildflowers—
Vagabonds who enter in.

Rebels for His promises and
Keepers of the light;
Dwellers in His atmosphere and
Dissidents of night.
Rev’lution’ries of culture—
New renaissance is our call;
Living as our true selves
Is what earth is waiting for.

Inside this soil of Mystery
We are fed with wisdom’s care
And revelation’s breathing on us
Fresh awakening air;
Understanding finds us
Through the frequencies He sings;
We grow inside His presence—
We’re a garden of the King.