Ripples: A Book Of Musings

Dear Friends,

Several years ago–before I started writing my blog—I wrote a book called Ripples: A Book Of Musings. It was a small book. A book of short stories, poems, and other stuff that was all based on my gradual awakening into the Kingdom of God. It was the beginning of my journey into deeper truths, and writing each of the articles helped me move through some of life’s ‘bigger’ moments of change whilst therapeutically removing me from religion’s wear and tear. It refocused me on what was most important in my world–what has always been most important in my world–relationship with my Heavenly Father. Dad. Papa.

I have had further journeys and insights since I first wrote Ripples, but I felt it was time to post it here now, firstly, as a stake in the ground, and secondly, as an invitation into ‘more’. If just one thing speaks to you through this book, then it will have accomplished its purpose.