Religion’s Weight

So many people saying prayers, creeds, “praise Hims” and “Hallelujahs” without any (or at least maybe a strained) actual heart connection with the Person they’re proclaiming those things about. Their relationship with God either doesn’t exist, or it exists, but it’s stuck, because...

It Only Takes One

Living in a small country town has had it’s benefits—especially during CoVid. Even though I live alone, I have been grateful for much: the obvious and the not-so-obvious...

No More Religion

Religion is a horrible ambassador for the character and qualities of the person of Jesus. Anyone who has truly encountered the love of Jesus cannot reject or deny Him without some kind of internal struggle, duress or distraction, because (as with any relationship) there is usually grief directly proceeding a breakup...

Between the Second and Third Heavens

I suppose it would be easy
For this universe and the next
To collapse in on themselves—
Whether through fatigue or choice—
In response to the chaotic airwaves currently
Having their say,
Their way,
Their complete disregard for Who Jesus is,
Where He stands,
And what He wants...

An Open Door

I woke to the sound of my flatmate leaving for work. I heard what I thought were his footsteps walking down the hallway, his keys jangling at the front door as he unlocked it, the chain falling as he unlatched it, and then the squeal of the front door as it opened...