Light Like Clouds of Gold

On Thursday morning two weeks ago as I took the trash out before leaving for work, I halted mid-motion under the skyscape above. I must admit, I may have looked a little meerkat-like after poking my head out of my burrow (apartment) and then climbing all the way out in response to the “wowness” of the sky...

I Am His and He Is Mine

These days,
This era,
This time in history,
Has opened up a space for a clarion call,
An invitation,
That was never actually laid to rest in the first place...

No More Religion

Religion is a horrible ambassador for the character and qualities of the person of Jesus. Anyone who has truly encountered the love of Jesus cannot reject or deny Him without some kind of internal struggle, duress or distraction, because (as with any relationship) there is usually grief directly proceeding a breakup...