Where I Am Home.

I hear your voice 
Soft, tender, strong—
Its resonance cuts through mist and fog
And even though my eyes are clouded,
Covered, misted, hidden from light,
My heart can see,
My heart can hear,
My heart can feel where you are. 

Confusion lies behind tired eyes
And occupies real estate in my mind,
But You take my hand and we walk
Beside still, clear waters 
Where I begin to see.
And you kindle a fire 
That is warmer, lighter, and brighter 
Than the cold on my hands, my arms, and my face;
And I begin to feel.

I have been complicit in self-hatred,
But You...
You draw me into safety 
And call me out of this miry,
Stinking, sinking pit of clay
And the person who is not me
Whom I have harboured in the dark spaces
Of my mind,
Relinquishes control
At the sound of Your voice—
And I begin to hear.

Hope and life are together woven
Untethered, untamed, and wild.
Your garden's growing in deeper places 
From nutritious, rich, receptive soil.
And amidst the perfumes of gardenia and jasmine, 
I meet with You—
Face to face,
Defences abandoned, 
And there I rest in Your embrace
Where I am home. 

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